Warranty Deed

Warranty Deed

A warranty deed is a legal document stating that the owner of the property, who is sometimes referred to as the “grantor,” holds clear title to a piece of property and is able to transfer ownership to the buyer, who is sometimes referred to as the “grantee.” Without this document, a prospective buyer would not have the necessary security that the seller does in fact own the property and is able to sell the property without releasing a lien. At Just Deeds, we are well equipped to draft warranty deeds and can also review a warranty deed in an effort to determine whether it is legitimate.

Special Warranty Deed Florida

While special warranty deeds are used relatively infrequently, there are times in which they are necessary. Quite simply, special warranty deeds have two main components. The grantor of a special warranty deed conveys the property with two warranties:

  • the grantor warrants that they have received title.
  • the grantor warrants, unless noted specifically in the deed, that the property was not encumbered during their period of ownership. Florida, like other states has statutes governing special warranty deeds in Florida;therefore it is prudent to have a company comprised of lawyers to adequately handle all of your special warranty deeds in Florida.


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